internet – customer care

Colocado em: Outubro 29th, 2009    Tipo: Tempo Inteiro    Local:

Job title : Internet – Customer care (m/f)

Company : FixeAds, Lda.

Job purpose
You will work in a small, fast growing team of customer care employees. The main goal of the service desk department is to create a safe and trustworthy online trading environment. Our customers currently visit (,, and we expect to enlarge our product portfolio overtime. We are looking for a customer care employee to join an ambitious online classified/auction team.

Main activities
1. You will become responsible for the accurate and quick response of questions of all our web customers:
o Use and functionalities of our website(s)
o Cookie-settings
o Browser types (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)
2. On top off that you will be responsible for the quality of the content/ads customers place on our website(s).
3. An important point is to be sure our terms & conditions are observed, so our customers act according our site rules.

To achieve our goal, a safe online trading environment, there will also be a lot of interaction with the marketing and IT-department.

A safe, reliable and user friendly website for consumers (and businesses) in the classified and auction environment.

Main job requirements
* General interest in automobiles and the car market
* Being customer friendly is essential
* Excellent communication skills
* Excellent knowledge of the Portuguese language
* Feel responsible for site/tool improvements for our customers
* Love the internet and willing to develop your online skills and experience
* Accurate
* Good team player, however also be able to work independently.

District/standing-place : Lisbon

Email :