Social Network Technical Developer

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Based in Chiado, one of the most typical and trendy places in Lisbon, our client is a social media and online brand management company.

Based in a flexible 35 people team and with offices in Brazil and Spain, they work with several national and international clients, managing and broadcasting events, creating new branding concepts and managing social networks campaigns.

Presently, they are looking to hire a young developer, with previous experience in Facebooks API development and keen on interactive media development. This person will “translate” the client’s needs in creative web campaigns, developing in FBML and Open Source. Also, this person will establish the link with the outsource development team, in Spain, aiming to create an internal technical development department.

We are considering developers up to 4 years experience, with solid university background and strong technical web portfolio in open source technologies and/or .Net, and experience in FBML.

Salary: €20.000 nett/year

Place: Lisbon » Portugal

To apply, please follow this link

Hays Information Technology
Avenida da República, 90 – 1º, Fracção 4
1600 – 206 Lisboa

t: 00 351 21 782 65 61
f: 00 351 21 782 65 66